Welcome to the Building Cities for All Training Program!

Welcome to the Cities For All online course, co-developed by United Cities & Local Governments (UCLG) and World Enabled, in the framework of the Cities for All initiative and the Global Compact on Inclusive and Accessible Cities

This online course will introduce you to the global movement on disability rights and to the six principles of the Global Compact, showing how they provide a useful framework for local and regional governments to develop inclusive and accessible policies and projects that empower all people in the community, regardless of age, gender, disability to engage and be part of the cities where they live.

Dr. Victor Santiago Pineda, President of World Enabled, will guide you through this journey towards Cities for All. Dr Pineda is an internationally recognized human rights expert, a leading scholar on inclusive and accessible cities, and also a two time presidential appointee to the United States Federal Access Board.

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