In what world do we want to live in after the COVID-19 crisis is over?

Are we ready to rethink our collective and individual aspirations regarding our communities and our common goods?

Are we ready to take actions to tackle climate change together and to recognise culture’s fundamental role in fair development?

Will we be ready to address social inequalities, place welfare at the centre and put solidarity above the immediate economic gains? 

Aim and contents

The webinar "Culture, cities and the COVID-19 pandemic" considers the initial initiatives implemented by cities and local governments, and analyses the impact of the crisis in the cultural life of cities.

The webinar is a valuable experience for local decision-makers, planners and experts involved in the short-term, med-term and long-term strategies and policy-making in the post COVID-19 era. The webinar also drafts some of the main challenges to be considered to ensure culture is at the heart of the response to the Covid-19 crisis today and at the center of the measures to be taken in order to guarantee a sustainable recovery at the local level tomorrow.

The webinar is open to local and regional governments, and especially to officials and officers working in teams in charge of Planning, Community Development, Culture, Education, Heritage, Inclusion and Public Spaces.

The UCLG Culture Committee shapes this webinar according to the needs expressed by members. In other words, this webinar can be specifically prepared as a capacity-building activity for a group of key people working in the same government, or it can be designed as a peer-learning activity involving representatives of several governments.


The webinar is introduced and facilitaded by:

  • Jordi Pascual, Coordinator of the Committee on Culture of UCLG
  • Marta Llobet, Consultor for the Committee on Culture of UCLG

Practical Information

The duration of the webinar is 1 hour.

The webinar is now available in English, and will be available in French and Spanish soon.

Available dates:

  • 18 November 2020, 15h00 CET (English).