Welcome to the course organized by United Cities and Local Governments, based on the Live Learning Experience #BeyondTheOutbreak sessions, launched jointly by UCLG, UN-Habitat and Metropolis.

We are currently facing an unprecedented event: the Covid-19 crisis has destabilized the world as we know it. For this reason, coordination and solidarity are key factors when it comes to confronting the health care crisis and coming out of it as a stronger society.

With each crisis, there is an opportunity for transformation. Within the scope of global governance, Covid-19 has enabled us to strengthen bonds between communities, but we will only be able to secure these bonds if we combine our knowledge and efforts.

Although the main challenge relates to health care, there are other threats associated with Coronavirus that affect other parts of society. These include such areas as housing, mobility, migration, new technologies, culture and gender.

The course organized by UCLG, with support of the Diputació de Barcelona, provides a global vision of the new panorama which confronts us. It also provides the keys for advancing in the field of LRG policies, which can be used to build the foundations for a future characterized by dialogue between communities.

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